Events management

In Prevolución we provide advice in the organization of corporate events from the conceptualization of the event, its logistical development, convoke, management and attention to the post event follow-up.

Events managementCorporate events are a tool used to interact, connect and retain the audiences of interest of the organization, these can have a commercial or motivational connotation, depending on whether external and/or internal audiences will be convoked.

It is essential that before the event the company is clear about the purpose of the event and the message it wishes to convey, so that all the work of organizing and coordinating it responds to this purpose.

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Although the goal of one or more events is often clear, decisions to be made around them must be correctly conceptualized based on the audiences who will be led.

Our team will support you to give identity and finish defining the objectives of the event and to manage in an orderly manner all the production of the same, so that its result is effective.

In Prevolución we hold press conferences, product launches, activations, congresses, medical days, BTL's in points of sale, among others; taking care of every detail and striving for everyone to enjoy the best experience and the event fulfills its purpose.