Internal Communication

Internal communication from a systemic approach is the first phase of a corporate communication strategy and the window to the success or failure of an organization. Internal communication in any organization manages the communication and fluidity of information within the company, giving prominence to internal audiences: shareholders and collaborators of all levels.

Internal CommunicationFor every organization to develop strategies to improve internal communication it should be a priority, as this type of communication will seek to improve the productivity of the organization by supporting the constant improvement of the results of the collaborators and the optimization of resources, which is achieved through various tactics that respond to the needs of in-house audiences.

Importance of internal communication

Many companies downplay internal communication, without realizing that it can be a key tool that supports overrunning market challenges, crisis situations or change management processes.

This type of communication facilitates the implementation of the corporate culture of the organization, which provokes in the collaborators a sense of identity and well-founded belonging.

Internal communication encourages employees to be active actors and spokespersons in any situation that threatens the organization.

That is why in Prevolución, as a public relations agency based in Guatemala recognizes the importance of serving the internal client (collaborators) to offer solutions to the external client, so we provide advice to our customers offering the services of:

  • Internal audits
  • Developing corporate message arrays
  • Developing internal communication strategies
  • Elaboration of corporate manuals and internal magazines
  • Production of corporate events and conventions

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