Media crisis management and communication

Media Crisis Management

Media crisis management occurs when a situation or set of events generates negative attention to the organization and as a result can trigger critical scenarios and damage in image, reputation, prestige, relationship with stakeholders, financial problems, among others.

Having a media crisis and communication management plan should be indispensable for all types of organizations, as it is a very useful tool to safeguard and recover reputation and image and minimize the damage generated after a situation Threatening.

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Organizations cannot dismiss vulnerability scenarios, so it is suggested to establish strategic communication actions, both preventive and reactive, to deal with any crisis situation quickly and effectively, offering timely information to all audiences of interest.

At Prevolución we provide advice for the timely management of communication crises, we offer to perform a risk analysis and design the communication crisis plan: detection, preparation, simulation, management and monitoring.

"In a globalized world where communication flows faster, companies that care for their brand's reputation and image must have preventive crisis management planning" Prevolución

Prevolución offers:

  • Risk analysis
  • Preventive and reactive communication crisis plan
  • Spokesmen Training
  • Development of press material
  • Communication crisis management
  • Damage assessment and strategies for recovering image

Crisis management