Media Relations Management

The media relations in Guatemala is one of the pillars of external communication and is key in connecting the organization with its audiences of interest. Developing a strong relationship with journalists, bloggers and content writers who may be eager to hear what you have to say, can provide your company with invaluable access to the public.

The effectiveness of a media relations program is achieved through proper information management: corporate messages; which should be relevant to the organization and of interest and usefulness to our (public) stakeholders.

Media relations

However, the media relations should not be limited to the transmission of information, a strategy should be developed that clearly defines the objectives of the organization in providing this information and that considers how this management can support in the construction of the reputation and image of the organization and therefore to meet the business objectives.

At the same time in this type of communication it is key to visualize the media as strategic allies in the dissemination of the corporate message, since they are an effective channel to be able to expand our message to various audiences.

How to approach the media

It is important to understand that the media is not at the mercy of the information they receive, they will search for other sources, and build their note with the approach that they think is most convenient.

In Prevolución we know how local and regional media work and operate; being experts in the design and execution of action plans that seek to bring our customers relationship with the media closer together and strengthen.

Therefore for the approach of the media and generate news coverage it is essential to carry out an analysis on the modalities of approach most suitable for the customer, below you can consult the most frequent ones.