Press Conferences

Press conference is an interview that is given by a prominent individual or personality to journalists in order to make an announcement, provide information, or answer inquiries.

Press conferenceIt consists of convening media to a specific place where information of interest will be shared in bulk through one or more corporate spokespersons.

For a press conference it is extremely important to define which means are most relevant to the organization and give them priority, however in most press conferences it is convened massively to all media in order for the message can spread.

As we explained on our previous Media Relationship Management page there are several additional options topress companies to address them, remember that we are experts advising our customers to find the right way to do it.

Why hold a press conference?

The press conference allows the organization to have face-to-face contact with all the key media for its organization whether written, radio, television or digital and is used for the launch of campaigns, events, products or services; the visit of a recognized expert, singer or group; among others.

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The press conference is an extremely important event for the company, since in the activity we expose ourselves to various media that will analyze and evaluate our intentions, our corporate message and its veracity and whether it is consistent with our spokesmen and collaborators involved.

Therefore, we recommend that your activity be delegated to experts. We can help you to obtain better results and generate a better impact. PRevolutionists are experts in planning, organizate and develop press conferences, contact us and we will gladly to support you.