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What is PR?

How many times have you heard of Public Relations?

Surely on many occasions you have heard about Public Relations, there are as many definitions of Public Relations as people who have tried to define this concept that we would not reach a single book to get to standardize a single concept , however we share our definition:

"Public Relations is the discipline that allows to connect the organization with its audiences of interest, in order to generate, strengthen and maintain a relationship with them. Prevolucion

Still, to understand them in a better way we suggest that you analyze the following situation.

The Bakery "Delipan" wants to make itself known as one of the best bakeries in Guatemala and therefore has 3 options.

  1. Wait for people to water their voices and tell their friends that their product is of very good quality, excellent taste and fair price.
  2. Pay a good sum of money so that on some billboard, press page and / or social networks an advertisement will come out warning that the Bakery "Delipan" has the best bread in Guatemala.
  3. Manage with the country's media to test your product and recommend it in a massive way.

Word of mouth

The first option is undoubtedly one of the oldest advertising techniques since word of mouth has served as a reference when choosing a product or service between one or another supplier, however in a globalized and fast-moving world that makes a reference 25 years, the traditional mouth in mouth has fallen short and gave way thanks to the exponential growth that social networks have had to public relations by influencers or influencers, Guatemala is no exception and has already joined this new trend in where influential people in different sectors such as TV presenters, singers, athletes, cooks, bloggers, youtubers, etc. tell us their experiences about certain products or services of specific brands.


The second option can be addressed by traditional advertising or by new and growing advertising through social networks, in Prevolución we believe that both are effective however for some industries one is more effective than another, especially when it comes to non-massive products or services that is to say that they are not aimed at all people, to implement a correct social media campaign requires specialized techniques that will allow you to carry out campaigns focused on your customers remember that it's not always better.

Public relations

The third scenario explains the role that public relations with the mediaplay, which consists in searching for editorial, informative or interview spaces whether in press and written magazines, digital magazines, web blogs, radio and TV. This role of public relations allows our clients to make themselves known in mass media and reach the target audiences that interest them, imagine coming to the TV or radio program that you know your customers tune in frequently and that in it allow you to explain what new to your product or going back to the bakery example that explains the delicate process with which you select the ingredients to cook, that the presenters of that program can taste that delicious bread and at that very moment can recommend it to the diners who tune into that show.

Which one to choose for my company?

We would love to tell you that the best option for your company will always be public relations and forget about the rest, however we can not say that; for each scenario it will be necessary to evaluate the need for traditional advertising, digital advertising, influencers, and public relations. In prevolución we can support you consult us and we can gladly advise you.